SOCIETY FOR RURAL HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (SRHDP) is a registered nongovernmental and not for profit organization under the Tamilnadu societies act. The Society formed by members coming from the Dalit Arunthathiyar community works for the development of the dalit Arunthathiyar community. The Arunthathiyar community is considered to be a dalit amongst dalits mostly ill treated and have little access to developmental schemes, treated as untouchables their vocations include manual scavenging, rope making, agricultural laborers, brick making and quarry workers.

Current Activities

Children care centers : We run and maintain special coaching centers in 27 Dalit Arunthathiyar villages, here children in the age group of 5 to 17 years are coached by volunteers from the same villages and neighboring villages. They are taught awareness songs, games, general knowledge, English and other school subjects. The number of children that have benefited from these centers over the years is over 4000.

Children parliaments : We conduct children parliaments (children clubs) in the villages. These parliaments are useful for children as it enables them to understand their basic needs and rights.

Eradication of Bonded labor and manual scavenging We work for the eradication and rights of bonded laborers and manual scavengers.

The activities included;

a. Survey of Bonded laborers and manual scavengers : We conducted a survey of bonded laborers and manual scavengers in the district of Salem. The survey was done by volunteers; the survey revealed that where dry toilets and open air toilets existed manual scavengers were used for cleaning. We also identified a number of bonded laborers mostly women and children. We formed them into self help groups and created access to alternative job opportunities for them.

b. Campaigns against bonded labor and manual Scavenging : Campaigns against bonded labor and manual scavenging are conducted in the district head quarters, Dalit Arunthathiyar villages, municipalities and town Panchayats.

c. Education support to bonded labor and Manual Scavenger Children : Evening special coaching classes are conducted for bonded labor and manual scavenger’s children. Educational material like note books, uniforms, pens are also given to the children.

d. Self Helf Groups : Formation of self help groups among the female bonded laborers and scavengers, we support them with a revolving fund and loans for self employment. These loans help them in opening petty shops, starting saree business, purchase of milch animals, eateries etc.,

Tailoring centers

Rescued bonded labor children and women are given trainings in tailoring for six months 4 centers in 4 blocks with each center having 10 tailoring machines. On successful completion of their training they are helped to get employment in Salem and Tiripur and Coimbatore.

Health Orientation counseling

Health orientation and counseling are given to bonded laborers and manual scavengers. They are also given awareness on their legal rights. Regular demonstrations outside government departments are held for the eradication of the bonded labor system and manual scavenging. Arunthathiyar Women rights forum and manual scavengers’ worker union were formed.

Cultural team

We have a cultural team of dedicated volunteers. This team conducts cultural shows on eradication of bonded labor and manual scavenging, school enrolment, alcoholism, human rights and child rights.

Women groups (SHG)

We have formed 180 self help groups with 2817 women. These groups were given access to individual and group loans to help them start micro enterprises. Some groups started making ropes, while some purchased milch animals and some others took to vegetable vending. 20 village women societies were formed and they were formed into a federation .

Women federation

We have formed a women federation including all women group representatives. With the help of this federation we have organized the women in all six blocks of our working area. We conduct awareness on eradication of bonded labor and manual scavenging, skills training and awareness for Dalit Arunthathiyar women. We conduct women’s rally for rescue of child bonded laborers and reenrollment of children in schools. Rallies in front of the BDO office for strict implementation of Bonded labor act, SC / ST act.

Why Us ?

Best Service

We provide best service to Poor People for developing social economical standards.

Create Social Awarness

We give awareness to people about Prevention of atmosphere from pollution etc,.

Encouraging Rural People

To mobilize and Organize the rural poor and give awareness through development process.


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